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There are three members working on The Pullis Project, some of these members include:​

  • Francisco Ritter (Boat Builder/Project Manager/Designer)

  • Gerry Evans (Boat Builder/Cabinet Maker)

  • Frank Carr (Painter/Varnisher) 

​The Pullis Project has been in motion since April 2011. Francisco originally acquired the Pullis Project in Great Yarmouth in 2011 April, transporting the vessel from Yarmouth to Yacht Haven, Lymington with the intention of fully restoring it to its full potential beauty.

Shortly before the start of the restoration, Francisco's stepfather (Mr Terence Piper) passed away but wished he could have financed a project such as the Pullis Project. After seeing Francisco's previous work such as the rebuilding of a 13th century church roof (Working for George Stone Ltd) and also the repairing of Edwin Lutyen's water tower (Which was included in an airing of the Grand Designs TV show) he was confident in Francisco's ability to completely restore the Pullis Boat.

To fully restore the Pullis to its heydays of the 1930's, we wish to involve any worthy Artists or artisans who are willing to donate their time to a great cause, such as working on the interior of the vessel. The main skilled individuals that we're looking for include: Upholstery, Gilders, Glassworks, Plumbing, Riggers, Craftsmen of Soft Furnishings and Sail Makers. If you feel as if you can contribute to the project, your time and skill will be greatly appreciated.

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